Atlassian Crowd

Crowd — Identity management for web apps

Crowd is an application security framework that handles authentication and authorisation calls for your web applications. With Crowd you can quickly integrate web applications into a single security architecture that supports single sign-on and centralised identity management.

The application is divided into two parts:

  • The administration console is a clean and powerful web interface to manage directories, users and their security rights.
  • The integration API provides a platform neutral way to integrate web applications into a single security architecture. With the integration API applications can quickly access user information or perform security checks.

The first time you access the Crowd console, you will be walked through the initial configuration of your deployment.

Set up Crowd

Crowd OpenID server

The Crowd OpenID server implements the OpenID specification. When using your Crowd OpenID login, you can have the same username and password for the public websites you use that support OpenID.

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