Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t have a degree in Electronics or (Applied) Physics, can I apply?
Yes, we have accepted students with a degree in Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, IC Design in the past. If there are sufficient courses in Applied Mathematics, Electromagnetics, Semiconductor Physics, Electronics, Optics & Optoelectronics or Telecommunications, you fit our profile.

Q. How can I proof my English language capabilities?
We accept the following as proof:
– a TOEFL-TEST, showing a score of at least 570 (paper-based) or 87 (internet-based)
– an original “test report from” (TRF) from IELTS, with a minimum overall band score of 6.0
– Cambridge-ESOL: First certificate in English (FCE).
Some applicants are exempted from submitting one of the above in the following cases:
– If you have a diploma of higher education awarded by an (recognised) institution of higher education in the Flemish Community.
– If you have successfully completed a minimum of 1 year (60 credits), be it secondary or higher education, where the medium of instruction was English (an official certificate must be submitted).

Q. How do I legalize my diploma and diploma supplements?
For more information regarding the legalisation method for your documents, please visit:



Q. I am already applying to three Erasmus Mundus master courses (EMMC), can I still apply for the  EMSP?

Yes, students can still apply to the EMSP. The EMSP is a former EMMC and therefore will not be taken into account for the maximum number of three EMMC one can apply to.

Q. Is there a late application call?
Late application deadlines will be announced on our website, so please check regularly for updates.

Q. I don’t have direct access to my recommendation letters, what should I do?
If the letters are in sealed envelope, mail them (or ask the professor to mail them) to the Photonics Secretariat. If professors prefer not to send the letter directly to you, they can always email their recommendation letter to

Q. Can I get my legalised copies back?
Yes, if you are not accepted for enrollment or if you wish to defer or cancel their enrollment, can reclaim their legalised copies without additional cost.

Q. I’m in my final year of Bachelor studies, can I apply for the program?
Yes, Bachelor students in their last year of study can also apply, but need to successfully finish their Bachelor studies prior to the start of academic year.

Q. How can I obtain a scholarship?
All students who apply for this program are therefore eligible to be awarded a VUB Scholarship (no separate application procedure is required). These Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis among all accepted EMSP students.
To obtain a grant or scholarship from one of the external funding agencies, students must follow a separate procedure (next to the EMSP application procedure). The procedure to obtain these grants is completely independant from the EMSP Admission Process and the EMSP Board has no involvement in the selection or decision process of these external funding agencies.

Q. I am not accepted to the program, what should I do?
In case of non-selection and if you have grounds to believe that your application file has not been processed properly through the selection procedure, you can start an appeal procedure by sending a letter to the EMSP secretariat by registered post.

The letter should clearly state the reason for the appeal. The appeal must be lodged within 30 days after the communication of the selection results from the EMSP Secretariat.

The Chairs of the EMSP Program Board will verify whether your file was eligible and whether the selection has been carried out correctly.

The EMSP Secretariat will communicate by e-mail the outcome of the appeal procedure within 30 days after receiving the appeal letter.

Students are always allowed to apply for the next intake. New additional elements (new courses followed, training, recommendation letters) may lead to a different outcome of the selection. If there are no additional elements, the result of the selection procedure will not change as well.

Q. I have not taken any courses in – e.g. Telecommunications – , am I still eligible to apply?
Yes, students who did not followed courses in 1 (or 2) of the basic subject fields (Applied Mathematics, Electromagnetics, Semiconductor Physics, Electronics, Optics & Optoelectronics or Telecommunications), can still apply.

Guidelines for the online application form:
– Can I list courses I am currently following? Yes, put (ongoing) next to these courses.
– I have taken any eg. semiconductor physics courses. Indicate the ‘limited knowledge’ bullet and leave the semiconductor physics courses blank.
– I have not taken a specific e.g. Optics  course but some topics have been covered by other courses. Indicate the appropriate button to assess your knowledge of the subject and fill in in which courses you have seen some optics (indicate the specific or related topics/chapters).
– One of my courses covers e.g. both optics and telecommunication topics. You can add the courses in both fields.
– I have no previous professional experience, can I still apply? Yes, previous experience is not a mandatory aspect of your application.
– I don’t know my mark (in %) as I am currently not graduated yet. Fill in the mark you’ve obtained so far.
– I have obtained 3.66/4, so 91.5%. Fill in 92 for obtained mark. All results with .5 or higher is rounded upwards.
– In my university, there is no ranking of students (e.g. 3rd out of 28 students) available. Fill in NA (not available).
– If I fill in that I can afford (thus have sufficient funding) to enroll/study the EMSP, will this decrease my chances of winning a grant? No, the grants are awarded on a competitive basis among all accepted students. Best ranked students will be awarded the grants.
– I receive an error-message when I try to submit my online application form. Send a screen-shot of the error-message to and we will try to solve the problem.
– My resume link does not work. After 30 days, the link will no longer be active. Send an email to and we will provide you with a new link. Your previous data will not be lost.
– I have already submitted my online application form but I want to make some changes or upload new documents. Please send an email to and we will provide you with a link to make the necessary changes in your previously submitted form. Your previous data will not be lost.