Programme courses

When having a look at the details, keep in mind the content of the courses is the same for both universities. For some courses students can follow teleclassing.

The first semester is devoted to the fundamental basics of photonics, the second semester to engineering skills and photonics applications. 
Semester 1
Optical Materials 6 UGent or VUB
Microphotonics 6 UGent or VUB
Lasers 4 UGent or VUB
Introduction to Business Economics (VUB)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship (UGent)

3 UGent or VUB
Semester 2
Laboratories in Photonics Research 6 UGent or VUB
Optical Communication Systems 6 UGent or VUB
Sensors and Microsystem Electronics 6 UGent or VUB
Physics of Semiconductor Technologies and Devices 4 UGent or VUB
Business Aspects of Photonics

Innovation in Photonics

3 UGent or VUB
Mathematics in Photonics 4 UGent or VUB
Basics Photonics Electives
Photonics* 4 UGent or VUB
*students who followed this course during their bachelor should choose another course
Advanced Photonics Electives
Min. 16 ECTS during master year 1 
Compulsary courses 4 VUB, UGent or partner university
Elective courses 12-18 VUB, UGent or partner university
Master Thesis 30 UGent, VUB or partner university
Advanced Photonics Electives
Optical Spectroscopy of Materials 4 UGent
Display Technology 4 UGent
Non-Linear Optics 4 VUB or UGent
High Speed Photonic Components 4 VUB or UGent
Biophotonics 4 VUB or UGent
Optical Sensors 4 VUB or UGent
Design of Refractive and Diffractive Optical Systems 4 VUB
Optical Design with Ray-tracing Software: Laboratory 4 VUB
Introduction to Quantum Physics for Electrical Engineering 4 VUB
Technological Processes for Photonics and Electronics: Laboratory 4 VUB or UGent
Photovoltaic Energy Conversion 4 UGent
Quantum Optics 4 UGent
Micro- and Nanophotonic Semiconductor Devices 4 VUB or UGent
Photonic Integrated Circuits 4 UGent
Internship in Photonics (min. 5 weeks)

Internship in Photonics (min. 10 weeks)



Internship Partner

The details on each subject can be found in the study guides of  UGent and VUB