Photonics Doctors in the spotlight, meet Thiago!

BySophie Messens

Photonics Doctors in the spotlight, meet Thiago!

Photonics is applied in so many domains – from healthcare to biophotonics, from food safety to superspeed telecom – offering engineers in the field of photonics and optics an enriching professional life. They can take up significant roles as consultant, as technician and as researcher both in companies as in the academic world, on local and international level. High-potential graduates can also opt to start a PhD after their Master Programme, just like Thiago did.

Always good to see the happy face of Photonics Doctors who are building an exciting career path. Thiago Raddo graduated last year as the first co-tutelle PhD student between VUB and USP (University of São Paolo), with highest honors, paving the way to shape the future optical network.

Thiago Raddo Doctor in Photonics VUB B-PHOT

Thiago Raddo Doctor in Photonics VUB B-PHOT


Recently Locaweb Futuro Hitech in Brazil published an article about his research experience and the impact of photonics in many applications in our daily life.

His research links to new services and technologies that lead to unprecedented and insatiable demand of data traffic, which requires higher security, flexible bandwidth allocation and optimal cost-efficiency. With Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH), applications such as tactile internet, telemedicine and real-time 3-D content generation gets one step closer to effective implementation within the next wave of innovation.


As part of a co-tutelle between VUB B-PHOT and USP, he performed an important part of his research at B-PHOT Brussels Photonics to solve security issues introducing an innovative approach to generate chaos from a solitary laser diode. Simply using mechanical strain, he showed that standard Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) can generate chaotic polarization fluctuations.

Here you can read more on his research. In case you’re interested to study the unique characteristics of photons and light technology, feel free to join our European MSc. in Photonics. International students can apply as from October, check also the application deadlines for non-EEA and EEA students for VUB and UGent. Belgian bachelors in EIT or in applied physics can register up to the start of the new academic year in September at UGent or VUB.


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