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Erasmus+ programme
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The world is at your feet

Going abroad may be a life changing experience. The chance to spend time in different European cities, brings students in touch with different cultures, languages and a rich cultural heritage.

Taking part in this master programme offers students the opportunity to enrich their programme with splendid partner universities to take up courses or write a master thesis. Our students enjoy can build on our close collaborations with partner institutes in Europe and also outside Europe. All of them excel in photonics and optics, and each of them has a specific research focus.

While during the first year students can follow courses at both VUB and UGent in Belgium, the second year has a more international character that allows students to take courses and/or do a master thesis abroad, during one or two semesters. In addition, students can also opt for a 5 weeks industrial internship (4 ECTS) in Belgium or internationally, or go abroad for the 10 weeks internship (10 ECTS) in the photonics industry or a research institute depending on personal preferences.

We have strong collaborations with partner universities across Europe and worldwide:



International exchange for students from partner universities

We welcome international students with a background in Photonics who are looking for exchange opportunities. As part of a master program, students can join our European MSc. in Photonics to follow courses or do a master thesis project at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universiteit Gent or both universities.

This exchange can be part of an Erasmus program or separate bilateral agreement with their home institution.

Bilateral exchange models

In addition, we have agreed following collaborations programs:


National Taiwan University (NTU): 1+1 years


  • NTU has a 2-year Master education in Photonics
  • NTU-students can enroll in the European MSc. in Photonics after year 1 of the MSc. at NTU, these students take a special course which will be a customized track 5 based on your previous studies.
  • Upon completion of the European MSc. in Photonics, students are awarded:
    • Master of Science degree from NTU
    • Master of Science degree from UGent-VUB

For more information, please contact:


Dalian University of Technology (DUT): 3+2 years

  • DUT has a 4-year Bachelor education
  • DUT-students can enroll in the European MSc. in Photonics after year 3 of the BSc. at DUT, if they are enrolled in a Bachelor program at DUT with major in:
    • Physics
    • Optical engineering
    • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Upon completion of the European MSc. in Photonics, students are awarded:
    • Bachelor degree from DUT (after year 1)
    • Master of Science in Photonics degree from VUB-UGent (after year 2)

For more information, please contact:

  • Mr. Bert Coryn – Photonics Program Officer UGent-VUB
  • Ms. Qiao WANG – International Relations Officer DUT
  • Prof. Mingshan Zhao – Photonics Professor DUT