Industry Guest Lecture Commscope ‘Broadband to the Home’

BySophie Messens

Industry Guest Lecture Commscope ‘Broadband to the Home’

Dr. Jan Watté from Commscope, honorary fellow of the VUB Faculty of Engineering, has recently given a guest lecture to our Master Students in Photonics in the frame of the course ‘Optical Communication Systems’ at VUB. During his talk he presented an industrial perspective on broadband to the home and the role of fiber and fiber connectivity.

Who is not dreaming of a super fast and super reliable internet connection? But what are the biggest challenges for Fiber To The Home nowadays?

Prof. Jürgen Van Erps, who teaches the course in Optical Communication Systems, answered as follows: “Video streaming and connected devices in the Internet of Things are the main drivers for the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. The main message of Jan Watté’s guest lecture was that the biggest threshold for companies is to find excellent technical staff to roll-out fiber in an effective way. In addition, the deployment of Fiber To The Home in Europe is lagging behind because of two other  reasons: most of our broadband connections are still performing well enough and secondly, the majority of the broadband lines are installed underground and are therefore very costly to replace.”

We can conclude that there is a big demand for outstanding photonics engineers in the telecom sector with a passion for broadband to accelerate the deployment of optical fiber… to our homes. Bright perspectives for all of us and for our students!


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