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ByBert Coryn

Applications still open for EEA-students

Students who don’t need visa for Belgium (typically EU or EEA nationals) can still apply for admission for the European Master of Science in Photonics.
Apply by filling in the online application form by June 1.


ByBert Coryn

Looking back at a successful Photonics Event 2017

On March 15, the annual Photonics Event took place in the iGent building of Ghent University. The Event was organised by GOS (Ghent Optics Society) and the UGent-VUB Program Board.
The aim of the Photonics Event is to ‘connect companies, students and researchers’ and to do so, we have opted to invite a couple of photonics companies and ask them to give a workshop to our students. Besides the first and second master year students, PhD-students also joined in. Students were able to choose 3 workshops of their choice (out of the 5 workshops on offer).

Both Trinean and Luceda Photonics organised a business-simulation game, imec and huawei presented their company and explained who it was to work in their environment and finally commscope took it to a next level and offered hands-on training on fiber connecting.

We’ve concluded the day with a nice networking reception with all students, company members, researchers and the professors from the Program Board.


ByBert Coryn

EMSP Teaching staff hosts 6 ERC Grantees

With professor Wim Bogaerts (Ghent University), who secured an ERC Consolidator Grant in December ’16, the EMSP Teaching staff now hosts 6 ERC Grantees.

Set up in 2007 by the EU, the European Research Council is the first pan-European funding organisation for frontier research by individual scientists. It aims to stimulate scientific excellence in Europe by encouraging competition for funding between the very best, creative researchers of any nationality and age. The ERC Grants are thus very prestigious and highly competitive.
The other ERC Grantees among the teaching staff are:

  • prof. Roel Baets (ERC Advanced Grant)erc_banner-horizontal
  • prof. Dries Van Thourhout (ERC Starting Grant)
  • prof. Nathalie Vermeulen (ERC Starting Grant)
  • prof. Peter Bienstman (ERC Starting Grant)
  • prof. Gunther Roelkens (ERC Starting Grant)