75% of our students travel the world to join our European MSc. In Photonics

BySophie Messens

75% of our students travel the world to join our European MSc. In Photonics

Discovering the world starts often with a study abroad. Year over year we welcome on average 75% international students, from Europe and worldwide. This terrific mix of different cultures adds value to the learning experience of our students.

Next to a lot of hands-on training in labs and a multi-disciplinary approach combining photonics, engineering, nano-technology and physics, we also put a lot of focus on 21st century skills.

Those competences help people to engage in society, stimulate creativity, communication and train them in co-working.  Society today has never been more diverse, interconnected, and innovation-oriented where critical thinking, the ability of problem-solving and motivation are highly valued by employers.

An enriching international exchange contributes to the optimal preparation of our students for a professional career.  They can choose to spend one semester abroad for courses and/or to do a master thesis with one of our partner universities. Students can also take up a 5 to 12-week internship working at a partner company that fit their domain of interest.

Now, what do the students tell about this international flavor of the European Master in Photonics?  Five students and graduates shared their experience:




Enda McCague, Ireland

“The master in photonics program appealed to me because it offered the best in both international experience and opportunity to research at the forefront of real applied science and engineering. The standard of education and teaching in both Belgium and Switzerland, where I have spent my exchange, have been incredibly high. Over the course of my master studies I have gained an enormous amount both in a personal development sense, and in an academic sense. Choosing the master in photonics has proven to be a great option for me, and it has delivered above and beyond my expectations.”  



Anas Gasser, Egypt

Belgium generally and Brussels especially are the most international places in Europe.  In addition, the low density of the classes assures that you will never be just a number in the program and makes the interaction between the students, professors and staff members smooth and easy. The international internship opportunities give you an amazing chance to gain more experience from multinational world-class companies. After seven months here in Brussels, I can tell that choosing this program was a perfect decision.”


Krishan Harkhoe, Surinamekrishan-vub-emsp

The VUB outshone all the other universities I could choose from, because of their European Master in Photonics. You can say it was love at first sight, because it is the perfect mix of physics and engineering.”


giancarlo    Giancarlo Barbieri, Italy

Exciting to see what a difference light can make to help people in so many ways. VUB is a very warm and welcoming university, people are very kind. And furthermore the labs are highly equipped for technical projects and measurements. I can certainly recommend the programme!”



Benson Bo-Jiun Chen, Taiwan

Of my time in Belgium, the thing that stands out the most is my internship with Commscope. Also the international aspect was great; I met a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures, which was very interesting. I wish other people can also experience different and special cultures in my country or other countries. Because traveling makes people think more.”

Applications for EU/EEA students who don’t require a VISA are open till 1 June 2017 at VUB, the programme also provides scholarships including full VUB scholarships for students that enroll at Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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