5 reasons to come to LIGHT NIGHT 2017 

BySophie Messens

5 reasons to come to LIGHT NIGHT 2017 

Everyone is so busy, has so little time and then there is LIGHT NIGHT crossing your path.

SPIE Student Chapter went out of their way to give this edition a special touch celebrating their 10th anniversary.  A few months before LIGHT NIGHT, SPIE Student Chapter Brussels and B-PHOT gathered to answer questions on what inspires students and professionals in high-tech and engineering nowadays.  A specific topic involved future challenges, what is happening in photonics land and how to tackle them through the right education?

A good start, but let’s share 5 good reasons to join us on Thursday 27 April at Vrije Universiteit Brussel!

  1. Strong programme and strong speakers

For this 10th anniversary, the man who introduced the first Master in Photonics on the European mainland and is leading VUB B-PHOT photonics team, will give us a snapshot on Photonics 2050. What global opportunities lay ahead of any of us and how can the science and technology of light tackle societal challenges? According to Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont.

We also proudly present international speakers that you won’t see in just another event. Dr. Marc Himel, Business Developer from Jenoptik Optical Systems is giving a pertinent overview how light can play a leading role for a better world.

Mixed Reality (MR) succeeding Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) scored high on the list of interests. No surprise as headsets are common for anyone who is slightly aware of gaming. But what about industry applications, how can optics and photonics improve the effective use of headsets? Partner Optical Architect at Microsoft Corp., Dr. Bernard Kress will introduce us to the importance of human-centric optical design for next-generation MR headsets.

Local top talent has been invited to tell compelling stories that bundle the impact of education in photonics on their lives. Former presidents of the SPIE Student Chapter, now professionals in many domains, including a few professors at the VUB, have 4 minutes each to testify. How did they survive their European Master in Photonics? Any fun memories with SPIE Student Chapter? A cozy gathering of the actual and former presidents.

  1. It’s simply a nice event, somewhat unique in Belgium

Students, alumni, professors and professionals are gathering for an update of the newest opportunities that photonics and optics offer.  And obviously to keep in touch with colleagues. Need to recover from inspiring talks? Unwind during the network reception, refreshing drinks and light food.  Maybe you might be one of the happy few winning the contest for a mind-blowing demo with Microsoft Hololens?

  1. Code red, time to wake up!

Photonics is recognized as key-enabling technology by the European Commission. It is time to anticipate on future opportunities for high-tech engineers and companies.  We hope LIGHT NIGHT will give more insights, perspectives and motivation to be(come) part of the growing photonics community worldwide.

  1. Networking, the real deal

Join in with many and we will have a colorful mix of students, consultants, engineers, professors, entrepreneurs and more. Next to a strong programme, the total experience is as important. Meet and greet, plenty of opportunity to have one-on-ones with the speakers and participants. No formal dates or high-tech apps, just old fashioned gathering. For some a throw-back in time on the campus.

  1. It’s for free!

Seriously, international and national top talent, game-changing topics, nice food & drinks and enchanting people. For no money, what can we say?

We love photonics, we should have mentioned this at the beginning.

So, cancel any other date, and register right here  for LIGHT NIGHT 2017!

We hope to see you on Thursday 27 April,

welcome as from 18:00.


Here you can also find all details of the programme, or visit SPIE Student Chapter VUB on Facebook


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