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BySophie Messens

Photonics Event 2018 workshops on automotive 3D sensing and nanotechnology for digital lenses

Bringing students and industry together, is one of the key pillars of the European MSc. in Photonics. By integrating entrepreneurship courses, internships, guest lectures and dedicated events, they get in touch with different types of companies that use optics and photonics in their product roadmap.

This years’ Photonics Event at Vrije Universiteit Brussel offered 24 master students animated workshops to experience the actual performance but also challenges of real-world business cases. Two companies with exquisite expertise in their field of technology gave the students more insights through interactive demonstrations:

  1. Xenomatix showcased 2 of their sensors: the XenoLidar measuring vertical objects using the time-of-light principle and the Xenotrack that measures differences in heights in pavements, through a sensor installed on the rooftop of a demo car. After a short introduction, students tested both sensors and joined for a test drive on the VUB campus.

Eyeco Eyeco’s ambition is to use glasses that make people with presbyopia see as if they were twenty years younger through cutting-edge digital Fresnel-based lenses. In full development, details of the project were only disclosed to the participants of the Photonics Event!

From the feedback during the closing network reception, the students, speakers and professors were unanimous positive about the workshops.  Let’s start planning business cases for next year!